It’s about riddles, surprise, romance, and discovery.

It’s about adventure, and the most creative proposal.

Creative Proposals
The Geode: putting the power of surprise back in your hands

Order your own Geode today.

The Geode is a journey in a box. It opens only at a destination of your choice, displays hints along the way, and gives a message to your loved one as it opens. You can put anything you want in it before you lock it: a note, a photo, a ring. Whatever kind of creative proposal you want to create, it’s yours.

How to use a Geode

Create your own journey by plugging in the Geode to your computer and following the prompts. You will:

  1. select your chosen destination (Eiffel Tower)
  2. the message to display that will serve as the hint to that destination (Where we first met), and
  3. the message to display when you get there, and as the box opens (Will you marry me?)

The Geode isn’t just a game, or a box — it’s an experience.


What should I put in the Geode?

You can put anything you want in it. Some of the best ideas are the simplest ones:

A simple note: “Will you marry me?”

A phone number, with a pre-recorded message saying, “I love you! Marry me!”

Pictures of memories together


What else can it be used for?

Anything, as long as you have a surprise handy. The Geode doesn’t have to be used only for creative proposals. It has been used for pub crawls, for birthdays, and for anything else that calls for an interesting surprise.

Put the power of surprise back in your hands, and buy your own Geode today.